Foreon ISPO

Foreon's Initial Stakepool Offering

🎉 Foreon ISPO Details🎉

  • Pool name: Foreon Stake Pool

  • Pool ticker: FRN

  • Pool Owner: Foreon Network

  • Pool margin: 99%

  • Start Date and Duration: The ISPO begins on Cardano epoch 433 (28th August 2023) and will run until all the 2.5 million allocated $FRN tokens are distributed.

  • Reward formula: 1 $FRN for every 2000 ADA staked (excluding boosted rewards per epoch)

  • Distribution: 2.5 million $FRN tokens (25%) will be earned during the Foreon ISPO.

If you are having issues delegating from Eternl wallet, you can visit the ISPO pool on and click on join.

Reward Calculation

The reward distribution is straightforward: 1 $FRN token for every 2000 ADA staked per epoch (Excluding the bonus rewards).

So far we have gotten almost 8 Million ADA delegation and we have more good news for the boosted Rewards as we’ve revised the boosted reward bonus for Foreon NFT holders to an impressive 10% for each Foreon NFT held.

So for example, if you stake 200,000 ADA to Foreon ISPO pool for the entire duration of the ISPO and you have 1 Foreon NFT in the wallet, you will receive a 10% boost to your original staking rewards. So if you have 5 NFTs in the wallet, you will be entitled to a 50% boost to your original staking rewards.

Stake with the Foreon ISPO, and the longer you stake, the more $FRN tokens you’ll earn.

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