🎉 Revised Roadmap🎉

The Foreon Network team is working diligently to refine and enhance our project roadmap. We believe in transparency, continuous improvement, and delivering the best possible experience to our community.

As you know, we embarked on our journey with the intention of building with Haskell. However, after careful consideration and assessment, we made the strategic decision to switch to Aiken. Aiken aligns more seamlessly with the promising future of Cardano’s development landscape, ensuring our platform’s long-term success.

We must acknowledge that our initial proposed roadmap was overly optimistic, and some crucial details slipped through the cracks. We’re addressing these challenges head-on to optimize our project’s trajectory. Specifically, we’re revisiting aspects like the NFT Bonds Vesting period, ISPO tokens Vesting period, and streamlining information about Foreon Network.

Our commitment remains unwavering — to create a decentralized prediction market platform that stands as a beacon of innovation on the Cardano blockchain. Your trust and support drive us to continuously refine and deliver the best possible product.

Stay tuned for our revised roadmap, where we’ll provide a clear, comprehensive, and realistic vision of the journey ahead. Together, we’re forging the future of decentralized predictions.

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